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Dumplings circa 1560

Also from the Nuremberg 1560 cookbook, Ein sehr Künstliches und fürtrefflichs Kochbuch von allerley Speysen, Auch wie man Latwergen und Zucker einmachen sol, und sonst von andern guten heimlichen Künsten : Einem jeden im Hauß sehr notwendig und nützlich zugebrauchen here: http://reader.digitale-sammlungen.de/de/fs1/object/display/bsb10187731_00075.html
Peasant Dumplings
Take pepper / a good portion of onions
to that / not too many / Chop
it together / not too small /
melt a good part of fat into it /
beat next two or three eggs
there in / and parsley / and make
it not to thin with the eggs /
fat / and take wheat flour /
also semolina a spoon full / that
it not so much as the wheat flour / or take also
semmel (bread) there to / if you happen to
have it / so it becomes thick / make the
batter well thick / as you do for meatballs /
when the meat stock simmers / lay them
in / let the simmer be gently made / they
do not need to simmer long / put the fat
and eggs in before / otherwise it does no

It is fun to see that these are still a popular thing in Deutschland:

Tags: 16th century german, cooking, dumpling

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