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A 16th Century Chicken Recipe from Zwickau

I am especially interested in this recipe as part of my own personal heritage.  The city of Zwickau is just a few miles from my mother's father's birthplace and ancestral family seat.  It seems to be a stewed chicken with a finished sauce of creamy milk, eggs, parsley and bacon.  I want to try it!

Chicken of Zwickau

Take a chicken / stew it altogether well / take then four or five eggs / depending on how big it is / and beat them / and take some bacon / and a bit parsley / and chop it well / mix into the eggs / and take a bit of mace / lay it in the stock / as you could with the others / would you rather / so crush an entire nutmeg / and sprinkle a bit thereon / you may will to beat fat milk into the eggs / those from Zwickau do it thus / and when you do not use fat milk in it / so it will not be good  / and when you can not have bacon / so take marrow from a meat bone / or may butter / and fill the inside of the chicken / so that it lies inside the skin / and sew it together / you may will the stock / where there is much / also do thusly / let it gently simmer thinner / and the sooner it simmers / and is prepared / the better it is / when is stands long / so it is not good.

From: Ein sehr Künstliches und fürtrefflichs Kochbuch von allerley Speysen, Auch wie man Latwergen und Zucker einmachen sol, und sonst von andern guten heimlichen Künsten : Einem jeden im Hauß sehr notwendig und nützlich zugebrauchen
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