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Dumplings from 1560

I was excited to find a cookbook that seems to be based on the Saxon region of Germany! Now I have clothing inventories and a cookbook for my persona. I was most excited to see a recipe for the town next door - Chicken from Zwickau. The oddest things make me happy.  It's called "Allerlei speisen vortreffliches"

Farmer's Dumplings from a 1560 Saxon Cookbook

Take pepper / a goodly portion of onions
to it / not too many / chop
them together / not too small/
melt a goodly portion of fat into it/
break into it two or three eggs/
and parsley / and do not make
it too thin with the eggs /
fat/ and take wheat flour /
also semolina a spoon full / that is not as much
as the flour / or instead put
bread thereto / happening to have
it / so it will be thick / make the
dough quite thick / as for small
meatballs / when the meat stock is boiling / lay
them in / let them boil [until] they are well joined ; they
should not be allowed to boil long / put fat
and eggs in it / otherwise they are
not good.
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