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Translation Augsburg Tailor's Text 1516 part 6

Item den müßt auch auss 7 ele(n) ain manssrock
mache(n) wie yetz d(er) brauch ist / das die örbel aine(r)
zwei(er)the(n) handt lenge(r) sey dan(n) d(er) rock /

Item then you must from 7 ells make a man's gown
as is now the fashion / (so) that the sleeves each are
two hand (lengths) longer than the gown

Item we(nn) du zw kyrchen(n) wilt gan(n) so fürsich dich das du dyr
ain barhosen(n) vnd dine(r) frawe(n) ain mantell
machest auss 8 + halb ele(n) /

When you want to go to church so design this that you
make a pair of hosen and your wife a cloak
from out of 8 and 1/2 ells

das ist ain zwickel ma(n)-
tel da(r) zw kompt 10 ele(n) vnd mach den mant(e)l
lang 1 f' (fierteil) ii ele(n) so gat dis dy kapp vnd der
zipfel vnd herauss vnd dy stöss / das t'(tuch) leytt
Auff geworffen vnd wan(n) du den erste(n) zwckel gemacht
hast so fach auff d(er) seytte(n) an(n) vnd miss den anderen
Mantl vnd das dy stöss oben brayt seye(n) yethitzer 1 f'(fierteil) / d(der
zypfl müss zwe(r)ch sein

This is a gored cloak,
there to comes 10 ells and make the cloak
2 and 1/4 ells long so goes this for the hood and the
gore and outside(?) and the panes / the cloth lays
on the warp and when you make the first gore
so proportion it by the side (measure) and include the other
cloak [pane?] and that the pane on the top is wide currently 1 f' (quarter[elle]) the
gores should be transverse

Des ist ain pfaffen rock / dar zw
kompt 10 ele(n) t' (tuch) / vnd mach den(n) mantl lang 3 f' (fierteil) vnd
hinde(r) weytt 5 elen(n) vnd vorner(n) 1 f' (fierteil) / vnd 4 elen vnd
mach dy erbel lang 2 ele(n) vnd dy kappe(n) 1 f' (fierteil) 1 elen
so gatt d(er) zipf(e)l nöle(n) heräuss

This is a parson's gown / there to
comes 10 ells of cloth / and make the cloak 3 quarter long and
the back width 5 ells and the front 1 quarter / and 4 ells
and make the sleeves 2 ells long and the hood 1 quarter 1 ell
so goes the gore from out of the scrap

I keep on think that the parson's robe is a yoked gown with the front yoke 1/4 ell and the back yoke 3/4 ell. It's about the only thing that makes sense to me.
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