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Translation Augsburg Tailor's Text 1516 part 5 - The Flügel Rock

Flugel rock

This is an Albrecht Dürer image of a woman of Nuremburg circa 1500.  She is wearing a specific kind of gown with flowing sleeves called a "Flügel Rock".  It more or less means that the gown had wings or sails.  The Augsburg test has specific instructions for the tailors who were making the gown.  From these directions I take it that the gown was made with cloth that had a definite nap.

Item das ist ain flygel rock / der
zw kompt 10 ele(n) vnd mach das hind(er) thayll lang
4 ele(n) vnd das hinder thayl weytt 7 ele(n) / vnd das fo(rder)
tayll 3 ele(n) vnd 1 fiertayl lang vnd die weytte 5 ele(n)
vnd mach den fligel lang(en) 3 ele(n) vnd dy fligel halben
(ip) weytten vnde(n) der rock hat / kainerbel / Item du
Müst dich auch fyrseche(r) das an dem rock der strich
aller vnd sich gang / vnd das (ip) leytt auffgewo(r)ffen
vnd schneyd das (ip) in d(er) mitt ab vnd das im der
tuch nit v(er)kert werdt / Item du müst dich auch
fyrseche(r) das du auff 11 elen(n) ain ornat machest

Item this is a flugel rock / there
to comes 10 ells and make the back part length
4 ells and the back width 7 ells / and the front
piece 3 ells and 1 quarter long and the width 5 ells
and make the flugel (sleeve) 3 ells and the flugels half
the width that the bottom of the gown is / no sleeves / Item
you must take care that the gown's nap must go the same
and that the it lays folded and cut it up the middle and
that the cloth is not upside down / Item you must also
be careful that from the from 2 ells you make an "ornat" (guard?)

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