September 27th, 2013


Sausage recipes from Susanna Harsdorf's 1582 recipe book

I took a little side trip to see how I am doing on being able to read cooking manuscripts.  Not too bad!  At first I was a thinking whoa, this is too hard, but then I remembered that I have to practice before I can read these things.  I started an index for this, and got through the first 25 pages and the manuscript came to life!

There are several sausage recipes and I continue to bring them to the internet here with an entry from page 53.  I think this one is especially interesting for its precise finishing instructions.  You can see the original here:

(a lot is about a half ounce)

To make good Italian sausage three ways as follows:
Firstly, take 26 pounds of fatty meat
8 pounds of beef stomachs
2 hearts that weigh 3 pounds
3 lots ginger
1 lot crushed cloves
1 lot trisanet (cinnamon/sugar & varying spice based mixture)
1 lot mace
also take for each pound of meat 3 lots of salt, that is 102 lots---
more for each one 1/2 lots of pepper (that) is 17 lots
take thereunder also a glass(small) of wine take
in total to 2/3 of the meat one (part) must be a third
beef so is this this correct version of Italian sausage

For the second so you will make long Italian sausages
Take 12 pounds meat
28 lots salt
3 lots pepper
6 lots fennel

For the third if you want to make so that
they are lumpy
14 1/2 pounds of lean meat
2 pounds of diced bacon (fat)
2 hearts that should weigh 3 pounds
1 pound 8 lots ginger
1 lot ground cloves
2 lots trisanet
1 lot mace
8 lots pepper
2 nutmegs
there to a small glass of wine

Here follows the preparation of the above
stated sausage
Firstly, if you want to make sausage so must
one take the fat and lean meat that were listed
above and chop the same small next make for each
version its ingredients
mix well together then take the above or
if there is intestine and one fills therein then take a
needle with it stuff everything there in so that these stuff better
and thicker on top of itself then bind off all
securely and leg it in salt 40 hours then take
it out and hang in the chimney and make under them
a good smoke only a day until they dry and the
salt therein crusts then hang then in the kitchen
or in a place that has little warmth let hang for 2
months and lay then take oil
so they will each stay better longer and remain good 2 years
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