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Lebkuchen Recipe #4

From Staindl's Ein Sehr Künstlichs unnd nutzliches Kochbüch, 1596

Dry Lebzelten to bake

Take a rye flour, that isn’t sticky, simmer honey until quite nice, let it be mixed together and make a dough of the size of the thickness, as one that is worked with leaven, so work it, and put peppery-spice therein, in the flour, let it stand for 3 or 4 weeks(!), so it will be goodly stiff, thus you will bake it, but one must dry it for a long time, so that it is very dry, and put in the working the spices therein, when you want it to be good, and bake it somewhat the length like a bread in the oven, that is only almost hot, do not crack [open the oven door], so it will raise well, and bake over itself, so it is enough baked

So this seems very interesting as it calls out for rye flour, and that it is not thin and cracker like.  This almost seems like the the large lebkuchen referred to in Lebkuchen recipe #3 post.  I wonder if this dough will sour and provide the impetus for the loaf 'to raise over itself'?